Welcome to the website!

It’s alright innit?

I updated this yesterday (when “yesterday” was is irrelevant) and noticed that I’d mentioned how I was keeping the site up-to-date……that was 8 months ago.

Does it matter; not really, nothing really matters eh?

Anyway, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 is fast approaching and I’m delighted to be doing a bit of “stuff” up there this year.

I’m doing my “Happy to Help” show with the wonderful folk at Heroes!
The show’s at 4:00pm for the 2nd to the 26th of August (Not the 8th) on Bob’s Blundabus by the Potterow Underpass!

In addition to this I’m also performing as part of the AAA Comedy Showcase at the Gilden Balloon!

The Show runs from 1st to 28th August and, as well as me (MC) you’ll get to see Ali Woods and Eddie Fortune!

Tickets for both are on-sale now!

For “Happy to Help” click HERE
For “AAA Comedy Showcase” click HERE

I’m also doing previews and the usual gigs and what-not; head over to the “gigs” page if you want more info……god that sounded wanky didn’t it?!?

Check out some other stuff whilst you’re here….you might like it!
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